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Catclear™ Ultrasonic Cat Scarer Pack


Our Catclear™ Ultrasonic Cat Scarer Pack includes what is probably the best ultra sonic cat scaring device in the world. Its advanced PIR (Passive Infrared) detects the cats movements from up to 12 Metres (40 Feet) away and immediately emits an ear piercing and startling sound in the cats direction.

In 2005, our unit was featured on Channel 4's "The Great Garden Challenge" with great reviews. Our latest version is now even more successful.

The word ultrasonic as used within the phrase "ultrasonic cat scarer" simply means that the sound emitted is above the human hearing range but well within a cats. Humans can generally hear sound waves up to 20 KHz. All sounds above 20 KHz are said to be "ultrasonic".

Our weatherproof ultra sonic cat scarer has an advanced speaker that when triggered, emits varying burst of ultrasound at a frequency range between 20 KHz - 30KHz. This frequency range proves to be very unsettling for cats and they soon learn to avoid it.

What the £17.95 + VAT Includes:

  • 1 X Catclear™ Ultrasonic Scarer

    Our Ultrasonic Cat Scarer is probably the best scarer in the world. Its passive infrared and motion sensor will detect the cats body heat and /or movement from up to 12 metres (40 feet). With an impressive 100° degree direction arc (see diagram opposite). It can be used to scare cats away from an area of up to 125 square metres (1,345 square feet). Because of the infra red sensor it works just as well at night time as it does in the day.

  • 1 x Brilliant Instructional CD

    Each pack purchased also includes our very own produced instructional CD, filmed by us in Devon. It takes the user through a detailed step-by-step guide on how to set the unit up and how to get the best results.

  • 1 x Award Winning Hints and Tips Booklet

    This lovely little guide was written and adapted for us by the author of "Cats: Friend or Foe", Kursty Jones. It examines the bigger picture of why cats choose your garden, the health risks associated with cats urine and faeces and a wealth of other useful information. Again this guide is FREE with your pack.

  • 2 Year Extended Warranty

    We include a 2 Year extended Limited warranty on the product with each pack purchased


How, Why and Where?

Cats are very territorial creatures - problems usually occur when your garden happens to be within the cats territory.

The one behavioural trait cats all have is geared towards their territory. They will mark it by spraying, scratching, fouling and urinating. This marking tells all other cats in the area that this is "its patch" and "keep out".

Some of the biggest issues home owners have when a neighbours cat enters their garden include the depositing and burying of faeces on their lawn, vegetable patch or flowerbed, or the fact that cats will actively take birds from feeding stations or fish from ponds. Whatever the reason the fact is that very few people want cats in their garden.

Our ultrasonic Cat scarer provides a useful tool when trying to scare or frighten a cat away from your garden. Best results are always achieved by positioning the unit facing the area most effected by unwanted cats. As a rule of thumb the unit will scare cats away from 10 metres in front of it ( although it can detect cats up to 12 metres away.) See protection zone diagram opposite.


Key Features

  • Passive infrared sensor that detects cats up to 12m (40 feet) night and day. Ultra sonic bursts triggered whenever a cat moves in front of it - burst only last a few seconds; when the cat moves away it switches off.
  • It produces a loud, cat specific burst of ultrasonic sound that cats hate.
  • The unit will guard against cats in an area of up to 125 square metres of un-obstructed space.
  • Although humans cannot hear the ultrasound a small red light on the front of the unit indicates that something has walked in front of it and it is active.
  • Our weatherproof ultrasonic unit is powered by two ordinary small 9 volt batteries.
  • When no cat or human etc are in front of it, the unit will switch off to conserve energy (recommended that the unit is switched off when dogs, people or children are playing or working in that area.)
  • There is also a test button on the unit. Press it and the frequency will drop back below 20 KHz so that humans can hear that it is working.
  • Included in the pack is a brilliant instructional CD, award winning Hints 'n' Tips guide and a 2 Year Warranty.


  • Q. Will the Ultrasonic Cat Scarer damage my pets ears or hurt them?

    A: No. It gives out a short ultrasonic sound which only dogs, cats and foxes can hear. They will move away from the noise. However for peace of mind, when pets or children are playing in the garden, you can turn off the unit.

  • Q. Why do animals move away from the Ultrasonic Cat Scarer?

    A: The unit emits a very high frequency of sound (around 25KHz). Cats find this level very uncomfortable, a bit like humans cringing at the sound of fingers being scraped down a chalk board.

  • Q: Is it effective immediately?

    A: This varies, although the scaring effect can be almost immediate. It can take up to 2 - 4 weeks to have full effect on animals that feed or foul in the area habitually. Areas that are visited only occasionally have quicker results - within 7 days.

  • Q: Will it work through a fence?

    A: No. The waves will be absorbed. To scare the cats it is best to position it in an open space.

  • Q: Will I have to constantly replace the batteries or can I plug it in?

    A: In high usage areas, plug it in with a 9v DC adaptor (not included in the pack). However typical usage of scaring cats 10 times a day means batteries will last 3-4 months.

  • Q: I have some more questions - what can I do?

    A: Please give us a call on 01626 830141 (Mon - Fri 8.30 - 4pm) One of our trained members of staff can offer you some great free and friendly advice.

Catclear™ Ultrasonic Cat Scarer
Catclear™ Ultrasonic Cat Scarer
£17.95 + VAT
Pack includes: 
1 x Ultrasonic Cat Scarer
1 x Brilliant Instructional CD
1 x "Hints and Tips" booklet
1 x Free Extended 2 Year Warranty

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