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Cat Clear Scatter Gel -
Cat Repellent Gel

Cat Clear cat repellent gel offer a harmless yet effective means of deterring even the most persistent cat fouling and territory marking in particular areas of the garden. The Cat Clear Cat Repellent jelly like gel are highly effective in all weather conditions and over a period of weeks will condition the cat to move away from and to keep cats out of treated areas. Highly effective cat repellent gel designed to stop a cat fouling and keep cats out of your flower beds, this clever anti-cat fouling system works for weeks without having to pay any attention to it at all. This cat repellent pack ensures you can keep cats out by setting up a 'zone defence' around a flower bed, tomatoes beds, flower pots or area you wish to “get rid of cats” in.

For use as a home garden cat repellent; Cat Clear scatter gel contains: Methyl nonyl ketone HSE no. 7703, PCS no. 00864

Technical Details Cat Clear Cat Repellent Gel:

  • A Cat Repellent discouraging cats fouling lawns, gardens and patios.
  • Deters cats from digging up and fouling flower beds, scorching lawns with their urine and territory marking walls, rubbish bins, fences and gates.
  • Cat Clear Scatter Gel are effective, economic and environmentally friendly to people, plants and pets.
  • Cat repellent gel remain active in rain or shine.
  • The green Cat Clear scatter gel are biodegradable and a long term deterrent, keep cats out protecting your property from messy attention.
  • Simple home garden cat repellent easy to apply to lawns, plant beds, paths, patios and any other horizontal surfaces. Cat Clear My Garden Gel grow in the rain and shrink in the sun releasing a citrus odour that deter cats.

Product Review
Cat Clear Scatter Gel 450G release a strong Citrus Odour that deters cats from digging up and fouling flower beds, scorching lawns with their urine and territory marking your walls rubbish bins fences and gates. - Effective and Economical - Biodegradable - Long-term Outdoor Deterrent - Active in Rain Or Shine - Environmentally Friendly To People Plants and Pets.

Cat Repellent Gel -
Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Cat Clear Gel cat repellent system?
It will prevent cat fouling for a month or more even after rainfall. However, it does not get rid of cat from a very large area and that is why we recommend our pack for this cat deterrent method. By using the pack as described you can keep cats out of a flower bed of 7.32sq m (80 sq ft). For example, if your flower bed is 6m (20ft) long by 1.22m (4ft) wide this pack will easily protect it.

What happens one month after the gel has become less effective?
This gel can be dug into the ground for a soil enhancer.  Over a period of weeks the cats will be trained to move away from the treated areas to those where they can detect evidence of previous fouling odours.

What is the best way to order?
You can order online by clicking the 'buy online' button.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?
We usually deliver next day to any UK destination. Occasionally it takes 2 days.

I have a question that you have not answered?
If you've got a “get rid of cats” question, click here and we will answer you within 2 hours (Mon - Fri, 8am - 4pm) if you send your question after 4pm we will get back to you first thing the next day. Test us; if we fail we will send you a large bar of chocolate.

Cat Repellent Gel
Trusted Brand - Cat Clear
picture of Cat Clear Scatter Crystals -
£3.00 + VAT

1 x 450g

£16.00 + VAT
Multi Pack: 

6 x 450g

Order before 3pm Monday-Friday for same day dispatch: £6.95 + VAT
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